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Organizing for

Hey guys, if you are interested in joining an OFA project that you can literally “sink your teeth into” then you’re in luck!! Check out the great slideshow below from Karin who baked a couple of mouth watering Obama cheese cakes. She shows how easy it is to create a cake on your own in seven simple steps. If you’re not that much into baking but like the idea of our project, you can take part in another capacity. So keep on reading!

What we want to do (in a sweet way) is:
showcase Obama’s work
and help increase voter registration via
GOTV (Get Out The Vote) projects.

My joy of baking got me thinking of delicious ways for OFA group organizers to incorporate the spirit of President Obama‘s work into their meetings. Here are three great sites where you can pick up fast facts and interesting information about the administration’s achievements. It’s the kind of empowering stuff that voters will be interested in paying attention to and talking about:

A comprehensive list of Obama’s Accomplishments
The Obama Tracker
A Long List of President Obama’s Accomplishments! With Citations!

The challenge is for OFA groups to organize meetings based on Obama’s work and provide issue-themed cakes to give the event a special touch! If you want, you can send us short video clips and photos of the event and we’ll post them online.

Cakes Bring Folks

In addition to OFA groups, we want to give this project an enthusiastic ‘cakes bring folks together’ feeling by extending the invitation to everyone, anywhere in the world, interested in joining us. All you need is an Obama issue-themed cake, a discussion group of two or more people and snaps or clips of your event.

Providing a cake for an event isn’t the chore it once was. You have many choices: store bought, box mix, scratch or bakery special order. If you need a little inspiration for making a themed cake, there are many practical examples on the internet. 
Here are some cake ideas and tips to help you get started.

So, organizers get planning! We really look forward to receiving your stuff. Each day when we add the photos and videos we receive to our galleries, the Cakes for Obama project will pump a quick $5 donation into the OFA coffers to help Obama win in November. Over the next three months, our donations could add up to more than $400 dollars – a small amount for some but a rather substantial one for us.

Remember, this is not a contest and we are not asking you to send us a donation.
We simply offer OFA groups and others a chance to make the voter registration effort
‘talk’ with images that will inspire Obama supporters to get out the vote.
Submit your photos and clips at: Email cakes4obama.

Cakewalks on

Strike up the band!!!! Three years ago we inaugurated our first Obama Cakewalk Parade. Now, we have a total of three that feature dozens of cakes baked in honor of President Obama from around the world. We crisscross the U.S. with cakes from California to Maine, Ohio to Florida. And from “over there” it’s Copenhagen to Kenya, Azerbaijan to Japan. They’re all luscious and ooze with passion for Obama.  With so many great cakes, it’s difficult to judge which cake “Takes the cake”!!

Whether you call them cakes, cookies, biscuits or pastries you’re gonna find lots of tasty treats to whet your appetite in Cakewalk 1. And, in response to lip smacking whistles, and encores for more and more, we came back with Cakewalk 2 that struts a host of totally irresistible stuff just perfect for tingling your taste buds and reigniting the Obama spirit of  “Hope” and “Yes We Can”!!


& Yup we can
eat him too!!

Now we can have our president and eat him too! This all edible caricature
cake of the president, baked by Brown Suga’, is truly an awesome work of art right
down to the mole on his nose!!! Check out her amazing cake gallery on Flickr. Some of her creations are so fantastic, so wacky that you wonder:
“Hey, is that cake really, really real??”

We have presented lots of delectable cakes by creative bakers, but the end is not yet in sight. The Obama cakes just keep on coming! Our Cakewalk 3 parade includes some great oldies that you won’t find in previous cakewalks. Plus, there are new treats created by supporters for the president’s latest birthday events.

Cakes may be exciting to look at, but the proof of a delicious cake is definitely in the eating. Unfortunately, that’s not on offer here. Google hasn’t quite managed an app for that one yet! Haha!! But seriously, by joining Cakes for Obama you can mix your very own Obama cake, enjoy the sweet-smelling aroma of cakes baking and delight in using your unique “issues inspired baked goods” to spark discussion at your events.


Cake talk &

MmmYeah! Merely thinking “cakes”
brings on sweaty palm excitement!!

A classic KITS (Keep IT Simple) Cake will do just fine!! What matters is spirit and creativity. Take this homemade Obama Prune Cake by Annyole. She bakes ’em like Michelle Obama likes ’em – wholesome and healthy. This original recipe is powered by olive oil, honey, spices and the natural fruity flavors of oranges, lemons,
prunes, raisins, nuts and sesame seeds.
Moreover, the idea behind this delicious cake is unique!.

We highly recommend that you try this cake for yourself. Get the recipe here.


Change has come to the traditional holiday White House Gingerbread House. This year it has some very new “Obama elements” like First Dog Bo adorning the doorstep and using beehive honey from Michelle’s White House kitchen garden to sweeten the cake.

White House pastry chef Yosses talks us through this culinary masterpiece and explains how it was created.

This incredibly detailed gingerbread house is based on the original White House architectural design. It is covered in 250 pounds of white chocolate. And woweeeee, it weighs a total of 390 pounds and measures 56 x 29 inches. Well, the question everyone asks is “How do you cut a cake as big as that”? The simple answer, “No problem, this cake is strictly for show”!!